A Good Diet and Healthy Teeth Are a Winning Combination

A Good Diet and Healthy Teeth Are a Winning Combination

As a child, you were no doubt told over and over that sugary foods cause cavities. Now, as an adult, your dentist is probably still telling you what foods and habits to cut out or moderate. But did you know that not all foods are bad for your teeth? In fact, a healthy, balanced diet can actually help to keep your teeth healthy.

The Centre Dentaire & D’implantologie Boucherville, your Dentist on the South Shore, outlines the types of foods that are best for optimal oral and dental health.

The Key Is Balance!

First off, you need to understand why dentists caution people about eating sugary foods. The foods we eat form small deposits on our teeth, called plaque, on which sugars build up and mix with bacteria. Together they form acids, which over time, damage the teeth and lead to tooth decay.

For this reason, it is important to moderate your consumption of sugary foods, especially between meals. Foods that are too acidic should also be avoided for the same reasons, as they tend to strip the teeth of their minerals and weaken them.

Contrary to foods that are “dentrimental” to your health, plenty of ingredients can actually benefit your teeth. Foods containing calcium or fluoride have the opposite effect that sugar and acid do as the minerals they contain can even remineralize the enamel!

So it isn’t a myth that dairy products are good for your teeth, they are! In fact, eating things like cheese at the end of a meal is a good idea. Cheese forms a sort of protective layer on your teeth. It’s also not widely known that green vegetables contain calcium, and the vitamins they supply help to keep your gums healthy.

Of course, we all know that fluoride is beneficial in fighting cavities, but did you know that it’s not just found in toothpaste? Fish, legumes and nuts contain fluoride, as well as many other excellent nutrients that are good for your overall health!

Chewing is one of the factors that help your teeth stay healthy. On the one hand, the friction removes food particles from the surface of the teeth. On the other hand, the saliva it activates helps to counteract the acids. Saliva contains substances, which have an alkaline pH and thus help to combat tooth decay.

So don’t do without hard, unsweetened foods like celery, carrots, peppers and many others. In a way, these foods actually help to clean your teeth, although they do not replace brushing.

One more recommendation is to drink plenty of water, which is not only good for your overall health, but also for your oral health. Keeping your mouth hydrated can avoid many problems. And besides, mineral water also means minerals in your teeth!

All food groups have nutrients that can benefit your oral health. As with general health, the key is to balance your diet. A healthy diet means a healthy mouth!

Sugars and acids are of course allowed, but are sure to eat them in moderation.

There are plenty of good healthy things you can eat which contain calcium, fluoride, vitamins and many other nutrients! Visit your Boucherville dentist for more tips on developing healthy oral habits.

Drink Water

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