Photo d'une mère et sa fille qui se brosse les dents devant le mirroir.

Manual or Electric Toothbrush: Which One to Choose?

At first glance, it can be hard to understand the differences between a manual toothbrush and its little sister, the electric toothbrush. That’s why we’re …

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Photo d'une bouche avec des piercings

Oral Piercings and Oral Health

Increasingly popular, oral piercings are a trend that seems to be ongoing. Although they may seem harmless, it is important to be careful, as they …

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femme aux dents implants blanches se regardant dans le miroir souriante

Do I Need Dental Implants?

Oral health sometimes tends to be ignored. Its impact on our overall health is often underestimated, yet it is vital not to overlook it. Dental …

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enfants déguisés en costumes avec sceaux remplis de bonbons après l'halloween

The Importance of Visiting Your Dentist After Halloween

After Halloween festivities full of scares, family time, Halloween pumpkins and candy, a routine visit to your dentist can save you a lot of trouble. …

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femme au dentiste boucherville en train de se faire une radiographie dentaire

Dental X-Rays: Everything You Need to Know!

Your dentist recommends a dental x-ray to better understand your teeth. What is a dental x-ray? What can you see on a dental x-ray? Why …

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femme en douleur se tenant la bouche causée par maux de dents

Toothaches: What Are Their Causes?

Having a “toothache” is an unpleasant situation, and no one is able to take care of it alone. Unlike headaches, they rarely go away when …

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