jeune homme à lunettes à boucherville est anxieux de la pandémie sur un fond rose

COVID-19: The Anxiety That Attacks Our Teeth

For a few years now, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lifestyles and our health, both mental and physical. Our everyday lives have been turned …

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un kit de voyage dentaire vue de haut sur une table comprenant dentifrice, brosse, soie dentaire et rince-bouche

Travel Case: How to Prepare Your Dental Travel Kit?

Sunscreen, shower gel, perfume… but have you also thought about preparing a dental kit to put in your travel case before leaving on vacation? In …

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deux enfants garçon et fillette avec des loupes devant leur sourire à pleine dents blanches sur la rive sud de montréal

Crooked Teeth: Solutions for a New Smile

Crooked teeth, or misaligned teeth, are among oral health problems that can involve several factors for which a specific solution must be selected depending on …

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jeune homme de face chandail blanc avec un écart entre ses dents souriant sur la rive sud de montréal

Happiness Teeth: How to Correct this Diastema?

What’s the secret behind this strange name? Though calling it “happiness teeth” may be funny, it’s a real dental problem that can have repercussions on …

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Femme souriante dehors tenant une orange et une pomme

Foods To Avoid with Braces

It cannot be stressed often enough. When wearing braces, maintaining strict dental hygiene is essential to have a successful orthodontic treatment. Putting braces can change …

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jeune fillette blonde d'un sourire manquant des dents de lait qui poussent encore

Effectively Managing Your Baby’s Teething

We’ve all heard a baby cry for a long time without really knowing what to do or why. However, when pampered, fed or hydrated, his …

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