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Oral care after 40!

As time goes by, we all start to see our health decline or become more fragile. While you may still be in the prime of your life after the age of 40, there are various physical changes taking place. This is equally true when it comes to your teeth, and it’s normal. After so many years of loyal service, your teeth can become more fragile or even damaged, even when you’ve always taken good care of them.

Le Centre dentaire et d’implantologie Boucherville is your South Shore dentist and gives you recommendations for maintaining good dental hygiene after reaching this milestone age. Your mouth is, after all, the gateway to your health!

Weathering the Test of Time

As stated, your overall health tends to become more fragile as you age. But were you aware that daily oral habits can affect your overall health? For one thing, the mouth is the first stop in the digestive process, let’s not forget that! This means that problems with chewing can have a direct impact on your digestive system and can thus lead to other problems.

In addition, studies have found a link between dental health and diabetes, and possibly between oral hygiene and cardiovascular disease. Similarly, diseases and medications can affect the condition of your teeth. This makes it all the more important to take care of your teeth to avoid premature deterioration.

On the one hand, adopting healthy oral habits or continuing your good habits is essential to good oral health. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day to prevent cavities and gum problems.

You should also be aware of habits that can be harmful to your teeth, such as smoking or drinking carbonated or sugary beverages. We recommend that you minimize or even cut out these habits altogether. At the very least, try to brush your teeth after consuming these products to limit the damage.

Inform your dentist of your habits and your general health concerns. We can help you adopt preventive measures to avoid your teeth deteriorating in the long run.

As you age, aesthetic concerns also become apparent. You’ve always had healthy-looking teeth, but now they are starting to look darker? Certain foods with strong pigmentation or dark drinks like coffee can have this effect. If this bothers you, talk to your dentist about cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Furthermore, a healthy diet is not only the key to better overall health, but also to having stronger teeth. Balance your diet with nutrients such as calcium and fluoride. You can find fluoride in many foods such as fish, vegetables and even in water!

Despite all our best intentions and efforts, some damage to the teeth is unavoidable. Since teeth cannot restore themselves, getting dentures is sometimes the best option for ageing smiles.

There is no shame in wearing dentures, and there are several solutions to fit all budgets. With the latest technology, dentures are designed to perfectly complement your smile.

Replacing any missing teeth is highly recommended to maintain good overall health. These replacements will allow you to preserve your chewing and digestive functions. For optimal comfort, implantology is the preferred solution. So don’t hesitate to discuss it with your dentist at the Centre dentaire in Boucherville.

The bottom line is that as you age past the age of 40, you need to redouble your efforts to maintain a healthy set of teeth and to stay healthy physically.

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Personalized Advice for Every Walk of Life

Your Dagenais et Lachapelle dentists in Boucherville want to see you age gracefully by maintaining excellent oral health and hygiene. From infancy to adulthood, we welcome the entire family and give personalized advice based on your habits and biological factors. In addition, our state-of-the-art equipment complements our expertise in order to offer you accurate and rapid diagnoses and treatments. So come pay us a visit today!

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