What Is Stomatophobia?

Is it a neologism? Is it an esoteric word or simply a misspelled term? None of these is the right answer!

In fact, stomatophobia is a correct word and refers to the fear some people feel at the mere idea of visiting the dentist, even for a simple annual check-up. In a nutshell:

More specifically, people with stomatophobia (also known as dentophobia or odontophobia) see painful procedures at the dentist. They tend to consider oral care as a low priority, even though it’s essential to maintain good dental hygiene and, above all, avoid more serious health problems.

Indeed, neglecting oral care can lead to the emergence of conditions requiring urgent and sometimes more complex interventions. These include periodontal disease, recurrent cavities, chronic bad breath, etc.

Moreover, studies show that there’s a link between your oral health and your overall health. For example, the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Finally, neglecting oral care can also have an impact on our daily lives, preventing us from smiling wholeheartedly, eating normally or even speaking properly.

This fear of the dentist may be linked to traumatic childhood experiences, or it may have been passed on by family members or close friends. One thing is certain: it’s a very real fear that needs to be discussed with your dentist.

How to Recognize a Fear of the Dentist?

You can find below a list of some recognizable signs of stomatophobia. They include:

In some patients, fear of the dentist may also manifest itself in sleep disorders, particularly in the days preceding the scheduled dental appointment.

How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist?

The good news is that there are ways of overcoming stomatophobia through simple acts.

First and foremost, we suggest you talk to your dentist. He will be able to comfort you, alleviate your concerns and try to distract you during the examination or procedure.

There are many ways to make your visit to the dentist more pleasant and reduce your fears. These include television in the examination room, headphones with soothing music, the use of an anti-stress ball, or the dentist can calmly talk to you about other subjects while handling your treatment.

Alternatively, if your level of fear of the dentist is higher, there are relaxation and meditation techniques that can be done before your visit to the dentist. In more advanced conditions, psychotherapy can help you overcome stomatophobia.

Finally, in consultation with your dentist, different anesthetics can be suggested. Take the time to discuss these options at your next visit.

How Do the Dentists at the Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville Handle this Condition?

At the Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville, our team pays special attention to your well-being from the moment you arrive until the very end of your appointment. In a relaxed atmosphere, we welcome you and take the time to listen to you and answer all your questions and concerns.

For so many years, our commitment has been to develop ways of offering our patients a soothing and comfortable experience. We place great importance on a warm welcome, the presence of attentive professionals, the use of modern equipment and the creation of a friendly environment.

Each of our dentists works in close collaboration with a dental hygienist or dental assistant, consequently, you can ask them any questions you may have, while they listen attentively to you.

Our entire approach is based on personalized, customized service. So, it’s important to share your fears and apprehensions. We’re here to answer all your concerns, and we’ll do our utmost to drive away your fear of the dentist.

Take a Deep Breath… Plan Your Next Visit!

After reading this article, your fear of the dentist may have subsided, or it may still be constant. In either case, the oral care you receive will help you take a step towards improving your overall health.

Taking care of yourself can also be a positive experience in a clinic where everything is designed to make your life easier.

Make an appointment today with the team of professionals at the Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville. You’ll be welcomed in a conductive environment for comfort and relaxation. Surprisingly, your experience will go more smoothly than you anticipated.

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