Dental Health and Pregnancy

Dental hygiene during pregnancy must be maintained, and special rules apply. We’d like to tell you more now, to make this special period as happy as possible. Dental Hygiene During Pregnancy Pregnant women need to pay particular attention to their teeth and gums during pregnancy, as there is a greater risk of gingivitis. Read on

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What Is Stomatophobia?

Is it a neologism? Is it an esoteric word or simply a misspelled term? None of these is the right answer! In fact, stomatophobia is a correct word and refers to the fear some people feel at the mere idea of visiting the dentist, even for a simple annual check-up. In a nutshell: More specifically,

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Why Are My Teeth Loosening?

I’ve just been told by my dentist that my teeth are loosening, and a lot of questions came to my mind, including what loosening teeth really means and what treatments are available to me. The team of professionals at Centre Dentaire et d’Implantologie Boucherville can tell you more about this matter and how to prevent

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