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Is Dental Jewelry a Good Choice for Your Health?

Stop whatever you’re doing! It’s the coming back of a phenomenon that caused a sensation in the 2000s: dental jewelry!

For a few months now, this trend, based on the installation of a bling-bling accessory at the level of the teeth, is making its appearance again. While vintage, a term that can be defined as the fact of updating an element from an old era, has become a common style in our society, this touch of dental aesthetics is charming again and attracts both young and old.

However, in terms of our oral health, are there any risks involved in placing this jewel on our teeth? How does this shiny object fit in our mouth? Is there a time limit to wear this jewel or can we wear it all our life? The team of dentists on the South Shore of the Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville will tell you all about it!

Jewelry, Even on Our Teeth!

Vintage in the Spotlight

The signs were flashing before our eyes, but we never saw it coming. After the dazzling comeback of fanny packs, denim overalls, or even Converse high-top shoes, everything was destined to see the rebound of dental jewelry! Many celebrities have seized this fashion effect and have not waited before proudly posting on social networks with their latest trend.

A Simple and Quick Set-Up

In order to get to this stage, the set-up system is similar to that of orthodontic braces. The dentist applies a special gel to the surface of the tooth in order to make a micro-hole. The hole is barely visible to the naked eye. Then, a dental bonding, a technique used in the treatment of broken, damaged or simply stained teeth, for example, is performed in order to introduce the glue into the small gap produced. Finally, the application of a resin completes this procedure before the jewel is placed and begins to illuminate your smile.

We could ask ourselves the question in order to know if this artifact can hold on our tooth on the long run. The answer is yes. There is no real time limit. The jewelry stays in place as long as the bonding system is strong.

Potential Risks of Dental Jewelry

The reappearance of this fashion is not really validated by all dental professionals. While it may seem like a trend, dental jewelry has some risks on our teeth.

As we explained before, the bonding system is similar to that of an orthodontic treatment and, therefore, adapted to the enamel of the teeth. However, in order to achieve this result, the demineralization of a portion of the enamel is crucial in order to ensure that the adhesive on which the jewelry rests holds well. This aspect favors the retention of the dental plaque surrounding the jewelry. This area then becomes more vulnerable to the circulation of bacteria and the appearance of cavities.

In addition, when jewelry is fixed on a tooth, food and other residues are more easily attached. Once again, the enamel is affected. Also, an unexpected contact with the teeth could damage or crack the tooth.

Bear in mind that to remove this aesthetic object from the tooth, the dentist will have to use a spatula or a drill to go between the jewel and the tooth. The glue residues will have to be removed via polishing in order to smooth and clean the tooth surface. Indeed, after a long period of time, some stains may have appeared on the exposed surface of the tooth due to natural environmental exposure. In some cases, damage may occur during the removal of the jewelry.

In a nutshell, at the Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville, we are here to help you with your requests. We would be delighted to discuss and advise you if you have any doubts. Our highly qualified health team will provide you with the best strategy.

Do you already have dental jewelry? Book an appointment and come in for an oral health check-up. The Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville, reliable all the way!

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