Sleep Apnea

Do you suffer from snoring, chronic fatigue or difficulty concentrating? These signs could be linked to sleep apnea. Do you have a CPAP machine that you can’t tolerate anymore? If left untreated, sleep apnea can have harmful consequences on your health and negative implications on your daily routine.

Our dentists trained in sleep apnea will be able to evaluate your needs and guide you toward the treatment of choice, from screening to fitting the mandibular advancement device so that you can enjoy a life full of energy.

Although there are several different treatments for sleep apnea, it’s possible that a mandibular advancement device can address your situation.

In various cases of obstructive sleep apnea, it’s a good solution. As the name of the device indicates, this oral appliance pushes your tongue and lower jaw forward.

As a result, the airways are cleared, which reduces the number of times your breathing stops. This treatment is often used to treat milder cases and can be used as a complement to the CPAP machine, or as an option for travelling. It’s also an option for the many patients that cannot tolerate the CPAP machine.

After a sleep apnea diagnostic by a doctor, the dentist at the Boucherville Dental & Implantology Centre will be able to determine if you’re a good candidate for the mandibular advancement device (MAD). If it’s the right option for you, your device will be custom-made by our dentists. The oral appliance, shaped a bit like a mouthguard, progressively pushes the lower jaw forward.

Don’t hesitate to inquire with our dentists about the mandibular advancement device. It could prevent pauses in your breathing and be beneficial to your sleep.

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