The Dental Implant: Different Functions

The Dental Implant: Different Functions

Implantology is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the placement of implants, a science that began to develop in the middle of the 20th century. The researches of Professor Brånemark are at the origin of the implants as we know them today. He discovered an affinity between titanium and bones, leading to the phenomenon of osseointegration. The implant consists of a screw, generally made of titanium, inserted into the bone like a dental root, then topped with a dental prosthesis.

At the Centre Dentaire & D’implantologie Boucherville, your dentists on the South Shore are specialized in implantology and explain implants functions to you. Whether it’s a loss, an extraction or agenesis, i.e., the absence of one or more teeth, an implant is an attractive solution.

Implant or Removable Prosthesis: What Is the Difference?

In fact, in the very name “implant” and “removable prosthesis,” it is obvious that the former is “implanted,” while the latter can be removed. While both have the function of replacing one or more missing teeth, there are several differences, and the placement of implants has many additional advantages.

The first aspect patients with missing teeth think about is aesthetics; dentures have the power to restore a healthy-looking smile. The latest technology in this field has led to the creation of fixed or removable prostheses that look natural and blend in with the individual’s teeth.

In this sense, they allow individuals to regain a good self-esteem, but also, in the long term, to preserve the morphology of their face by avoiding bone mass loss. Another aesthetic benefit of the implant is the certainty that it will never fall out.

Functionality is an additional beneficial aspect of implants, as they help preserve good chewing function and, by extension, better overall health. Properly chewed food leads to better digestion, and the strength of the implant allows you to eat all your favourite foods. Conversely, removable dentures, while they can be just as aesthetically pleasing, offer less stability and sometimes limit patients in their food choices.

By replacing your missing tooth or teeth, implants also provide greater comfort in your daily life. Since the titanium screw replaces the root, to which a fixed prosthesis is later added, you will regain the feeling you once had with your natural teeth.

What’s more, unlike removable prostheses, implants do not cause friction or pressure on the gums because they are fixed. Not only is this unpleasant on a daily basis, but the friction caused by removable dentures can lead to the formation of ulcers, i.e., painful burns on the gums.

Finally, the implant is a durable solution: the titanium screw is naturally integrated into the supporting bone, like a root, and never needs to be changed. Likewise, fixed dentures require essentially the same care as natural teeth and are made from solid quality materials. To top it off, implant-supported dentures also prevent damage to the adjacent teeth, since they do not rest on them.

Implant placement is therefore a durable, solid, and custom-made option that will provide you with numerous daily benefits.

A Caring Team Listening to You

Questions, doubts and hesitations are part of the daily routine of our specialists, who will inform and reassure you. From the most benign procedures to those that may seem more important, you can count on the expertise of our qualified dental health team: for your family and for yourself, choose the Centre Dentaire & D’implantologie Boucherville!

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