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The Impact of Tobacco on Our Teeth

It’s not a secret to anyone, smokers and non-smokers alike know that tobacco, in any form, is a harmful substance that can cause serious forms of respiratory disease and cancer. Despite the omnipresent warnings in our society to discourage smoking, and in spite of warning messages appearing on the cigarette package, the temptation is too great. Sometimes even a little too much, to the point of leading us to a dependency that is difficult to break and that is often introduced in the form of an attempt: “I’m trying to quit smoking”.

If the repercussions on our natural balance are consequent, this smoke inhalation also greatly harms our oral health. The examples of symptoms are numerous. Nevertheless, as we recommend at the Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville, it is possible to find a solution to limit the damage and to cure certain ills.

What are the consequences of excessive tobacco use on your teeth, and more generally in your mouth? What are you at risk of exposing yourself to in the long run? Your South Shore dentists will answer your questions right away!

The Damage of Tobacco in Our Mouth

Today, it need not be demonstrated anymore that tobacco consumption causes numerous problems in our oral health. Several symptoms can appear.

Bad Breath

As a direct consequence of smoking, persistent bad breath is a common and unappreciative complaint shared by cigarette users. Indeed, no less than 4,000 chemicals pass through the mouth with each puff of cigarette. These chemicals accumulate on the inner surface of the mouth and cause dryness inside the jaw. A rarely pleasant odor is then released.

Staining of the Teeth

To give you an idea, an average unlit cigarette is composed of between 0.65 and 1 gram of tobacco, with a nicotine content estimated between 7 and 15 milligrams. This substance, associated with tar, are harmful elements that enable the yellowing of teeth. Even with daily brushing, it is very complicated to get rid of it.

Indeed, these chemicals quickly and easily penetrate the dental enamel in a permanent way and cause numerous yellow stains on the surface of the teeth. This staining or yellow shade, mostly present on the lower incisors, appear when the first cigarettes are smoked.

Therefore, it is advisable to brush your teeth meticulously two to three times a day. Also, the use of a dental floss is recommended and a mouthwash could complete this cleaning with the aim of preserving a good oral hygiene.

Slower Healing

After surgery, smoking makes it more difficult to achieve healthy healing, especially in the mouth. Non-smokers have fewer complications in this respect.

In fact, periodontal treatments, which are favored after an inflammation marked by the destruction of the supporting tissues around one or more teeth, have a lower success rate in tobacco users. Complications can occur in the space between the tooth and the gum.

Oral Pathologies

Unfortunately, there are even more alarming risks associated with smoking. Indeed, several types of cancer can take hold of your mouth, your gums, or your tongue. The danger is even greater when they are detected late.

However, in this situation, it is never too late to fight in order to reduce exacerbation risks. There are still solutions to achieve this.

Finally, in addition to being exposed to more expensive dental care expenses, smokers are exposed to the multiple risks mentioned above.

To avoid these situations of discomfort in your mouth, we recommend you to come and ask one of our experienced professionals for a consultation.

Do not hesitate to book an appointment at the Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville to discuss any questions you may have.

Our team of oral health experts will advise you and guide you towards the right course of action, taking into consideration all of your requests and needs. As a matter of fact, our team of highly qualified dental specialists will help you heal from the troubles associated with tobacco use and reduce its harmful effects. We are waiting for you!

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