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The Keys to Keeping Your Smile Looking Beautiful!

When an adorable baby flashes a beautiful, albeit toothless, smile, much to the delight of his parents, it never fails to warm the heart – for human beings, smiling is natural. A reassuring sign of recognition and well-being, a strong bond that triggers emotions that will last a lifetime… This is why it’s so important to make sure your smile is both attractive and flattering!

By making your South Shore dentist at the Centre Dentaire & D’Implantologie Boucherville your greatest ally, your smile will become your greatest asset in your relationships with others and you’ll be able to show your teeth with complete confidence. Whether it’s to recreate or restore your smile, their expertise in the most advanced dental aesthetic techniques will give you the smile of your dreams: radiant, warm and expressive.

The Secrets to a Beaming Smile

To communicate happiness and joy of living, a smile must reflect the well-being and joy of life of its owner, and therefore his or her good health. Good overall dental health plays a major role: even a beautiful smile will be irreparably spoiled by bad breath. Therefore, maintaining your mouth and all your teeth in perfect condition throughout your life through a close partnership with your dentist is a priority.

A Celebrity Smile? You Can Have One!

There are many dental aesthetic techniques available today and their effectiveness has been proven. You just have to look at the perfect smiles of celebrities on the big and small screens to be convinced: but don’t be fooled, their perfect, bright white teeth are not completely natural. The good news is that the same advances in dental aesthetics are now within your reach.

Our specialists have mastered all these advanced smile enhancement techniques to perfection and put them at your disposal to give you that famous Hollywood smile we all dream of. They can undoubtedly correct any imperfections in your teeth, from misalignment or irregular shapes, unattractive colouring of the enamel, gums in poor condition, etc.

In order to restore your smile, both literally and figuratively, your dentist will first perform a dental check-up to establish a complete diagnosis of your teeth. He or she will then be familiar with your mouth and will be able to draw up a treatment plan for you, along with any appropriate procedures.

The dental beautification techniques that he or she will use after a thorough tooth cleaning are diverse and extremely effective:

  • Tooth whitening;
  • Orthodontic treatment to correct misalignment;
  • Placement of dental veneers to mask imperfections on certain teeth;
  • Placement of dental implants or crowns on implants to remedy one or more missing teeth;
  • Gum grafting in case of tooth loosening;
  • And more.

Thanks to the technological advances of the last few years, a bright, beautiful and expressive smile is now within reach of the general public, and that includes you! Essential in human relations, a beautiful and beaming smile will allow you to be confident, comfortable and at ease in all circumstances, whether in your private life or within your professional circle.

At the Centre Dentaire & D’Implantologie Boucherville, we’ve always emphasized the importance to maintaining the health of your mouth, but that’s not all. Considering that aesthetics is also an integral part of our mission, our experts, dentists, hygienists and orthodontists will do everything in their power to help you regain your most stunning, beautiful smile. Come for a consultation with complete peace of mind – we are here for you.

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