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Dre Tina Le

General dentist Dr. Le graduated from Université Laval in 2009 and now has close to 15 years of professional experience in private practice, including 5 years working with the current team. Dr. Le has taken various continuous education courses in all spheres of dentistry, to provide better guidance to her clients (pedodontics, gingival grafting, dentofacial […]

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Dre. Marjorie T.Q. Lachapelle

General dentist Graduated from Laval University in 2000 and owner of the Boucherville Dental and Implantology Center since 2004. Passionate about dentistry and the desire to learn more and more, Dr. Lachapelle has taken several courses throughout her career, including gum grafts, Cerec, aesthetics, treatment of worn teeth, joint disorders and new techniques in esthetic

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Dr. Patrice Dagenais

General dentist General dentist Dr. Dagenais is a general dentist with a passion for all aspects of dentistry with a practice focused on oral implantology. He graduated as a general dentist from the Université de Montréal in 1997 and received his diploma from the Canadian Implantology Institute in 2000 after completing a multidisciplinary residency at

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Peur du dentiste?

Afraid of dentists?

DO YOU ALWAYS ANTICIPATE THE WORST BEFORE EACH APPOINTMENT? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU! Our waiting room has been specially set up to receive anxious patients. Upon your arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by our team. A massage chair is then placed at your disposal. Lie down and relax! Are you coming for

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