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Dental X-Rays: Everything You Need to Know!

Your dentist recommends a dental x-ray to better understand your teeth. What is a dental x-ray? What can you see on a dental x-ray? Why is it important to have it done? We’ll answer all these questions and more in this article.

The Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville explains how a dental x-ray is taken so that you can understand how it works in detail.

What Is a Dental X-Ray?

Oral health is not restricted just to your teeth; it is affected by your entire mouth. Oral health takes into account all the components of your mouth, and an x-ray ensures that nothing is left out. A dental x-ray provides medical imaging of your entire mouth to examine, among other things:

  • Gum disease
  • The general alignment of the teeth
  • The presence of an abscess or cyst
  • The presence, number and evolution of cavities

Let’s answer the questions surrounding the safety of a dental x-ray right away. X-rays are usually perceived by many as something dangerous. You don’t wear a lead vest every day!

The lead vest is also used in dental radiography to limit radiation, also known as x-rays. The x-rays produced by medical imaging machines allow to perceive what the dentist cannot otherwise see.

The radiation level to which a patient is exposed is very low, comparable to sun exposure, which also generates radiation. There is no need to worry, it is well-known that one would have to experience high and frequent level of radiation before considering it a health problem.

Types of Dental X-Rays

There are many different types of x-rays available for teeth to target a particular area. Every procedure is designed to be as minimally invasive and quick as possible, always bearing in mind the patient’s comfort.

The periapical x-ray examines the condition of the dental roots. It is preferred when it is necessary to ensure that no abscesses or cysts are obstructing the dentition.

The interproximal or retro-coronal radiography allows to see the decays between the teeth and the general state of the restorations previously made.

A panoramic dental x-ray takes a full view of the entire mouth and gives complete imaging. It is often used to make a general diagnosis of your oral health if you do not have specific dental history.

A cone beam x-ray generates a three-dimensional image to clearly see all the surfaces to be treated.

The number of possible x-rays in the dental clinic is plentiful and they target different areas of the mouth. In order to limit the time required for the different procedures, x-rays are done to understand the current and future state of your teeth (if you have wisdom teeth, for example).

man in machine at dentist boucherville getting teeth x-rays

Why Have an X-Ray at the Dentist?

The number of available dental x-rays is vast, but the reasons for having them are often the same.

A good dental x-ray allows you to establish the most detailed treatment plan possible and avoid paying for procedures that are less effective than the treatment plan done with an x-ray in hand.

The most visible points of the teeth are on the surface, but problems can occur between the teeth and at the root level. A good x-ray will allow to show what cannot be seen otherwise and help treat the problem as quickly as possible.

Make it a habit to include a dental x-ray in your dental exam, especially if your last x-ray was taken a long time ago.

Dental x-rays are also useful for children, who are more at risk for cavities than adults. Also consider x-rays for your youngest children, especially when their teeth are forming. It is important to identify the problems as early as possible.

X-rays are a very effective and safe diagnostic tool: don’t hesitate to have them taken to help the dentist optimize your treatment plan. Your dentists in Boucherville know their patients and are ready to see you in the dental clinic.

The Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville provides advantageous x-rays and treatment plans for all of their patients. Don’t hesitate to entrust your teeth to the dentists at the Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville today!

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