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Toothaches: What Are Their Causes?

Having a “toothache” is an unpleasant situation, and no one is able to take care of it alone. Unlike headaches, they rarely go away when you rest and their causes can be multiple. Would you like to know the causes of your unexplained toothaches and tackle the problem once and for all?

In this blog, the Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville provides useful information on toothaches.

Toothaches: Recognizing the Symptoms

A toothache never occurs on its own: it is often accompanied by other symptoms that inform you about this condition.

If, in addition to having a toothache, you have the following symptoms, you probably have a toothache that needs to be treated by a dentist:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Swollen gums or redness of the gums

Once the symptoms are well isolated, the causes can be explored to try to understand the origin of your toothache.

Dental Cavities

Toothache is one of the oral disorders that can affect you. If you are suffering from a severe toothache, the most common cause is usually a cavity.

A tooth sensitized by a cavity can cause severe pain when it comes into contact with these components:

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Sugar

Toothache caused by tooth decay can be temporarily relieved by applying a compress to the affected area. If the tooth decay is sensitive to cold contact, a warm-water compress can certainly help.

Over-the-counter ibuprofen capsules at the pharmacy can also help you deal with the pain before you make an appointment with your dentist. Untreated tooth decay can cause a number of complications, including tooth extraction if the decay reaches a critical stage.


Pulpitis is a complication that can appear when a cavity is not treated. It develops when the dental pulp is affected. The dental pulp is the interior of the tooth and contains, among other things, the roots and tissues that give the teeth their sensitivity.

When the dental pulp is damaged, a root canal will usually be needed to remove the dead or damaged dental pulp.

Pulpitis usually leaves little room for doubt for the person suffering from it, as the pain is much more severe, directly touching the nerve of the tooth.

Since pulpitis is mainly caused by untreated cavities, always make sure to have your cavities treated as soon as possible to avoid complications.

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Some Toothache Causes

Some of the more obvious causes of a toothache here include what is called dental trauma, which includes all dental fractures and displacements, but also injuries to oral areas:

  • The gums
  • The jaw
  • The tongue
  • The lips

A tooth can be broken only at the enamel level, in which case it is a superficial fracture.

A severe fracture is caused when the tooth breaks at the enamel level, but exposes the dentin and dental pulp. The more exposed or infected the pulp is, the more unbearable the pain will be!

Dental abscesses can also cause very intense toothaches. They are distinguished from other causes by the more consistent presence of fever, and pus release if the abscess is burst, which are clear signs of infection.

In summary, the causes discussed in this article are often cumulative. A superficial cavity becomes deep, reaches the dental pulp or causes an infection that creates an abscess.

The best advice is to consult your dentist as soon as you feel sensitivity or discomfort in a tooth.

On the other hand, teeth are strong and regular visits to your dentist are enough to avoid the majority of the complications mentioned here.

The Centre Dentaire & d’Implantologie Boucherville offers regular visits in a modern setting with a highly qualified team. If you have a sensitive tooth, don’t wait: set an appointment with us now to enjoy pain-free days. Your dentist in Boucherville is waiting for you!

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