La dentophobie ça mange quoi en hiver?

So, What’s Dentophobia Anyway?

We all have a relative who’s afraid of spiders, who suffocates in public places, or who’s paralyzed of heights. But have you ever heard of dentophobia? While arachnophobia, agoraphobia and acrophobia are fairly well documented, dentophobia is relatively new in dental jargon.

The Centre dentaire & d’implantologie Boucherville, near Longueuil and Varennes on the South Shore of Montreal, tells you all about this fear of dentists and gives you a few solutions to better cope with it.

What Is Dentophobia?

Generally speaking, dentophobia is the fear that some people feel as they approach their next dental appointment. More concretely, it manifests itself when a patient is unable to get past the dentist’s office “because of his apprehension of pain, the smell of dental products, the noise of the ‘drill’, the sight of the anesthetic syringe.”

This fear of the dentist can also translate into a heartbeat that accelerates just before your visit to the dentist, nervousness, anxiety and stress. Dental phobia can also be reflected in your postponements of visits, even those related to your cleaning. You will therefore neglect your routine visits, you will prefer to “endure” pain rather than go to your dentist to treat a cavity, etc.

Like other phobias, you feel like you are losing all your strength when it comes to going to the dentist. All of these factors can lead to a feeling of discomfort or even a sense of panic. Fortunately, there are solutions to dental care phobia.

Des solutions concrètes pour réduire la peur des dentistes

Concrete Solutions to Reduce Fear of Dentists

First of all, be assured that the dentists and staff at the Centre dentaire & d’implantologie Boucherville are very sensitive to your concerns and will do their utmost to reassure you.

Your dentist is probably the best person to help you with this fear. At the Centre dentaire & d’implantologie Boucherville, all dentists are empathetic and will take the time to be very attentive to your stress.

Centre dentaire et d’implantologie Boucherville

The first thing to do is to name your fear, as this will be the first step in the right direction. Then, if necessary, your dentist can prescribe medication to reduce your anxiety and make your visit much less stressful.

One thing is certain, the South Shore Dentists at the Centre dentaire & d’implantologie Boucherville will help you relax and make your experience much easier. We are accustomed to treating patients who are anxious at the thought of a visit to the dentist, and we show empathy and support.

Dentists, hygienists and dental assistants are qualified to ensure you have a pleasant visit to the clinic. Our entire team will take the time to listen to you empathetically so that your visit becomes more enjoyable.

Still afraid of dentists? Take your courage in both hands, take the first step now and our dentists will do the rest… Your fear will be a thing of the past.

Centre dentaire & d’implantologie Boucherville: A Reassuring Team!

Our team takes the time to listen to people, knows how to reassure them and offers simple solutions to make your experience enjoyable.

Trust experienced professionals and discover people who do their job with passion and who know how to find the right words to give you confidence.

With close to 4,500 active patients, the Centre dentaire & d’implantologie Boucherville near Longueuil and Varennes on the South Shore of Montreal is the place to be when it comes to oral health. Don’t wait any longer! After your visit to our dentists, dentophobia will have lost its significance for you… It’s guaranteed!

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