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Why is it so important to replace missing teeth?

Although you may not even notice a missing tooth, replacing it, and quickly, is very important.

If we were unlucky enough to lose one of our front teeth, we would immediately race to our dentist to replace it as quickly as possible, with little hesitation. Who could imagine living with a toothless smile, surrounded by family, friends or professional relations? Would we behave the same way if we lost a tooth that was not visible? Would a molar located at the back of our mouth provoke the same eagerness on your part to replace it? Not necessarily…

Our team of dental specialists at the Centre Dentaire & D’Implantologie Boucherville is here to advise and assist you in the event of the loss of one or more of your teeth. They can suggest the best solutions adapted to your needs. Whether it’s the installation of dental implants or a fixed bridge, they can help guide you towards finding the best solution. And while aesthetics remain important, there are many other key reasons for replacing lost teeth.

As adults, we have a set number of teeth – thirty-two to be precise, and none of them are optional! In order to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, teeth must be in a complete set. In the long run, the loss of a tooth has consequences and often leads to losing one or more other teeth in the vicinity of the lost tooth, due to normal complications. And while we can rely on dental implantology to provide a remedy, we must fill any missing teeth without undue delay.

What happens when one of our teeth goes missing?

In the same way that tectonic plates can slide over each other and cause terrible earthquakes, teeth can also be displaced in the jaw, and provoke real catastrophes in our mouths. This is because when a tooth disappears, the vacant space it leaves behind gets occupied by neighbouring teeth. Sadly, this vacancy phenomenon has a long list of disadvantages!

Without one or more teeth, you are likely to suffer from some functional pain caused by a less efficient jaw. When a tooth disappears, the remaining teeth around or in front of the vacant space will begin an unexpected, yet relentless migration. They will try to fill this very tempting available space. This leads to various problems, chewing problems, slurred speech or premature wear of the other teeth.

And that’s not all. There are also the inevitable aesthetic problems that come with having one or more missing teeth. A misaligned smile can cause irreparable damage to your social life, and your face may even lose some of its volume due to the reabsorption of the jawbone in the area of the lost tooth. Over time, the bone could even “melt”, which would then make it difficult to replace the missing tooth. A bone graft would therefore be necessary to properly attach a tooth and bone implant.

Close up Implant model tooth support fix bridge implant and crown.

And let’s not forget that these interdental shifts and the inevitable deformations that result from these changes can cause migraines or jaw pain in some people. However, the root of tooth decay does not stop there. Empty spaces between teeth leave more room for food residues and plaque, giving our teeth’s sworn enemies, cavities, plenty of time to proliferate and inflict the worst possible damage on us.

The picture may seem bleak, but it is nonetheless realistic.

Our jaws can only function properly if we have the right number of teeth, like Mother Nature intended. Just as we need our two legs to walk, we also need our thirty-two teeth to eat, speak properly and smile our most beautiful smile.

Fortunately, your dentists at the Centre Dentaire & D’Implantologie Boucherville are there to ensure that you don’t lose your teeth and, if you do, they will suggest the best solution to replace them as soon as possible, so that your bright and beautiful smile can last as long as possible!

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