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Foods To Avoid with Braces

It cannot be stressed often enough. When wearing braces, maintaining strict dental hygiene is essential to have a successful orthodontic treatment.

Putting braces can change certain sensations during meals. Various doubts also appear and fear sets in when we make decisions around the table. In this situation, it is important to follow the instructions given by your health specialist. At the Centre dentaire et d’implantologie Boucherville, we guide you in the choices you need to make and advise you on the best attitude to adopt.

Indeed, wearing braces is an important change in the lives of many patients. These orthodontic instruments show their effectiveness if they are conscientiously maintained. To do so, there are rules that must be followed.

In this blog, your South Shore dentists will inform you about the products to ban from your diet that can cause problems with your braces. Then, we will advise you on the types of food to choose. Finally, we will see together that certain orthodontic instruments make it possible now to no longer restrict yourself when starting a treatment.

How To Eat with Braces?

Dietary Restrictions

Don’t worry, your diet will not be disrupted to the point where you no longer appreciate what you have on your plate. It is simply a matter of rethinking the way you cook and eat.

To protect your braces and teeth, excessive snacking should be avoided. Also, keeping a healthy and balanced diet is essential.

In this sense, here is a list of some foods to get rid of from your menu:

  • Hard foods: nuts, crusty bread, apples, carrots…
  • Sweet foods: candy, soft drinks, fruit juices, syrups…
  • Fatty foods: chips, chocolate bars, deli meats…
  • Sticky foods: caramel, honey, chewing gum…
  • Stringy foods: raw meat, fish, leek, celery…

Don’t Give In… Otherwise, It’s Risky!

If your dentist said no… it’s no! Eating the wrong foods can put your orthodontic treatment at risk.

Chewing the wrong products can cause discomfort in your mouth. The risk of breaking brackets and wires on your braces increases, requiring another unscheduled visit to your dentist that could outspread your treatment.

In addition, breaking your diet presents the risk of food getting stuck in your braces, creating a suitable environment for plaque and bacteria to grow.

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What To Eat

In general, when you wear braces, the foods to choose are those that are low in fat and sugar and require quick and easy chewing. For the first few days, soups and soft foods should be preferred. Afterwards, it is possible to reintegrate products from your daily menus as you go along.

When cooking, fruits and vegetables should be cut into small pieces and cooked thoroughly. Beforehand, pits and seeds should be removed. As for meats, a chewing with the molars is recommended, while avoiding the bones.

Finally, pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches are the main cause of the detachment of the casings. They are not recommended! Fall back on dark chocolate, but in moderation. As for candy, if you can’t live without it, let it melt in your mouth.

Be Free with The Invisalign Clear Aligner

Medical advances are bringing a new style of comfort to the lives of patients with braces.

With the Invisalign clear aligner, constraints and dietary restrictions are a thing of the past. Indeed, the advantage of this orthodontic instrument lies in its removability, offering greater freedom to patients.

At mealtime, removing your braces becomes a relief. You no longer have to worry about its care. Dental hygiene is improved by intensive brushing of the teeth, without discomfort in the braces.

Our oral health professionals at the Centre dentaire et d’implantologie Boucherville are available to provide you with the best advice regarding your treatment. Our oral health team will be happy to answer all of your questions and follow your progress. Together, we will achieve convincing results.

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