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Happiness Teeth: How to Correct this Diastema?

What’s the secret behind this strange name? Though calling it “happiness teeth” may be funny, it’s a real dental problem that can have repercussions on your oral health.

What are happiness teeth? What are its causes and solutions? That’s what we’ll see today. Do you have a visible gap between the two incisors of your upper jaw? We’ll show you the causes and solutions in the following.

At the Centre dentaire & d’implantologie Boucherville, you’ll learn about the common problems and news concerning oral health. Want to learn more about happiness teeth? Your South Shore dentists are ready to tell you!

Happiness Teeth: The Name’s Origins

First off, let’s take a moment to explain where the name comes from. Basically, the name dates back to the wars during the Napoleonic Era. Back then, guns were reloaded using a bag of gunpowder that had to be ripped open with the teeth so the gun could be held with both hands while reloading.

Happiness Teeth” made this impossible because of the gap separating the teeth, which led people with this characteristic to be deemed unfit for combat. The “happiness” of the happiness teeth mainly came from not having to go to the battlefront during times of war!

Diastema: What Is It?

“Diastema” is the scientific name for this problem. Defined as a gap between two teeth wider than the average, it’s the product of natural causes. Most times, this problem is only a matter of aesthetics. It doesn’t have any direct influence on your dentition, which will still work like it always has. However, it’s important to note that chewing food can create friction on the upper gums.

It can sometimes happen that the diastema closes itself during youth without additional interventions, in which case, no orthodontic procedures are required. This gap can occur anywhere in the mouth, but it’s more often noticed between the upper jaw’s central incisors, which makes the diastema very visible.

What Are the Causes?

For a diastema, not one particular reason is ever noted, but a myriad of causes can contribute to its appearance. There can be many factors:

  • Heredity;
  • A labial frenum that placed itself between the 2 central incisors and created a gap;
  • For babies and children, sucking their thumb can create a prolonged pressure on the front teeth.

A diastema can be treated at the same time as other orthodontic problems with the help of the appropriate appliance. But in the case of a specific problem of diastema, it’s possible to treat it by choosing a procedure that only targets the happiness teeth.

There are many options for treating this problem. Discuss those available options with your Centre dentaire & d’implantologie Boucherville dentist! We’ll explain some of them here.

Happiness Teeth: Possible Solutions

In the case of a diastema, coming up with a solution is simple: we need to close the diastema. But how is it done, exactly?

Nowadays, to treat an orthodontic problem, the most frequent option for adults is the Invisalign aligner treatment. These new invisible appliances are preferred by adults who don’t want to change their eating habits too much or have an orthodontic appliance that’s complicated to maintain. Traditional dental appliances can also solve this problem if this option interests you.

Among the solutions, we have:

  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns
  • A frenectomy can be done in case of a too large labial frenum

Between these minor interventions to target a diastema problem and orthodontic treatments to correct your dentition, there are many available options! Although it’s more of an aesthetic problem than a functional one, we invite you to come see our professionals to be certain.

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